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About Us

Krishna Conveyor Belt, a qualitative supplier and importer of nylon conveyor belts with pioneers who have experience of three decades of serving more than 1000 crusher plants yearly.

With a complete focus on providing qualitative products and keeping customer's satisfaction, the utmost priority, the qualified professionals from different fields come and work together!

We aim to maintain sincere relations with our customers by provinding best qualitative products at reasonable prices with timely delivery.

Our job is to enhance relations with our customers because "We Value Them".

KRISHNA CONVEYOR BELT, A reliable friend you find in the business!!

Specialist In

Stone Crusher Belt

Cone Crusher Belt

Our Products

New Conveyor Belt

Old Conveyor Belt

Cement Plant Belt

Power Plant Belt

Cotton Factory Belt

Paper Mill Belt

Hotmix Plant Belt

Rubber Sheets

Endless Belt

Rice Sheller Belt

Chevron Belt

Transmission Belt